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Gastro(s)pass 2021 (digital shipping)

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You will receive the ordered Gastro(s)passes via e-mail.

Experience the 3-course dinner for a small price. Selected restaurants invite you to the Gastro(s)pass® from Sunday to Thursday. Enjoy three dinners for 99 francs. Choose between meat and an alternative menu. Passugger/Allegra and coffee/tea will be served with your meal! Service is a top priority in all restaurants and enjoyment is called by its name!

The new redemption period for the Chur Gastro(s)pass 2021 will be set as soon as it is known by when the restaurants will be allowed to fully reopen. Thank you for your understanding. 

Enjoy your Gastro(s)pass!




Please note that for each ordered Gastro(s)pass there will be one PDF in the size of approx. 1 MB attached to the second confirmation email. Please make sure that the size limit of your mail server is high enough before ordering a larger number of Gastro(s)pass or split your order into several partial orders, thank you very much.